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Matter Innovation and Substance Spirit

Admexus offers informatics and software development and code programming with the software philosophy according to the characteristics and culture of the business and not the company needs to be adapt to the culture of software. Likewise the program is not adapted to the bad practices of the company, but seeks to restructure the procedures and standards of good practice for the company to create value add and reduce routine activities. Finally, Admexus has the experience to concurred the experience and intelligence strategies of the Business with the knowledge of code programing that makes a success history which is unique value for the enterprises.

Admexus Enterprises Medical Sector is dedicated to impulse new technology, innovation, systems, norms, best practices, procedures and many others subjects for health segment.  It is focused to support physician on new ideas, innovated medical design and products. Support the physicians on Biotechnology research and implementation of new technology products and many other topics.  It is offer remote medical assistant to help patients on site as well nurses to assistance senior health care.  Special manufacturing for samples and production medical parts commitment to support physicians any time.     

Informatics development and software programming . CAD CAM Eng Service

Informatics & Software

Medical new products design, innovation, health care, senior assistance…

Medical & Health Services

Technical, Financial, Manufacturing, Lean... Consulting and Coaching, Engineering services


Empresalogia provides business intelligence services and business strategies support systems using dedicated and experienced consulting methodology based on Coaching, workshops, training and other support elements for the company. Empresalogia use a technique to explore, identify and analyze in detail the genetic code of the Enterprise entitled "EDNA®" and value add  improvement. Methodologies and lean manufacturing processes, financial risk analysis and cost structures, business stress in dangerous situations, supply chain, sales representatives, suppliers and Value Add innovation, Engineering Design and CAD-CAM development and support, Manufacturing lines automation design services… etc.

Matter Innovation and Substance Spirit

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Admexus Enterprises Matter Innovation and Substance Spirit