Divirtualigente I4.0

Industry 4.0 (I4.0)

Industry 4.0 key factor for the new productive, economic and social era.

COVID-19 has exercised its destructive conditions in all human activities. However, and even when this pandemic seeks productivity, economic and social catastrophe, the technology has been able to defend, support and sustain to some extent, the current and future compass for humanity existence. Examples, are range from advanced medical technology equipment for health, till social networks that maintain the essence of close human communication, even when everybody is in quarantine. This is the clearest evidence that technology is present in our lives every day. Under this scope, in the year 2016, the fourth industrial revolution (I4.0) was defined, under a series of conditions of technological, economic and social changes. This fourth industrial revolution is the integration of new innovation elements, which combined make up this new definition of our technology era. But also, the fourth industrial revolution (I4.0), is the key empowering agent to move from a current state to a new productive, economic and social world era. I4.0 is the pillar and support to create added value in all society structure. It is the door to the next productive, economic and social dimension necessary for effective and immediate recovery society. It is also evident, that the technology supports the attacks and uncertainties, when is applied correctly. It is capable of projecting a better future to develop and implement sufficient productive, economic and social models to defeat the current precarious world situation. I4.0 models and expectations for the next five, ten and twenty years can projected, as a priority, primary support to the most sensitive and vulnerable part of society, offering sufficient economic and sustainable conditions and actions in the creation of new decent and remunerated jobs, to kick the immediate recovery. This initial strategy is to prevent the pandemic from generating further poverty in the world. In addition to this, the collaboration and integration of various sectors, including the productive sector, is most required. This sector is a generator of new jobs. Likewise, I4.0 is capable of offering and sustaining sufficient business strategies to maintain the productive base and sustainable business in the long term together with this key player. Another strategy is to integrate technological systems for development models of economic exchange, money flow, family economy, and other systems improving the precarious situation currently experienced. Technology is just there to support the necessary and disruptive changes for social welfare. These systems, models and ideas or proposals will be support by I4.0 technology. It is the challenger on the current and future resurrection that we live. In the following articles, we will study future models of technological and digital transformation for the new disruptive productive, economic and social era.

Author: Octavio Fernández Divirtualigente I4.0 President Mexican Association I4.0