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Divirtualigente I4.0 risk and impact factor model of COVID-19

At Admexus we have developed the I4.0 Divirtualigente model to evaluate the effect and impact of COVID-19 in the productive, economic and social sectors. In the following graph 1, it shows a portion of the total map, where 3 levels of impact and risk are indicated.

The I4.0 Divirtualigente COVID-19 model is develop by risk and impact levels, based on a specific processes or elements. These processes or elements are a key function of the conditions and restriction factors, direct causes of the negative effects on the productive, economic and social chains. The elements or processes are define in three concepts. The first concept corresponds to the “variables”. The second to the variable “characteristics. The third one to value-added merits. Risk is determined by a range from 0 to 10. Zero means low impact and ten means high impact.

1)       Level 1 - extreme risk

a.        Money Flow

b.       Mutation/Strain

c.        Health Services

2)       Level 2 - very high risk

a.        Jobs

b.       Transport

c.        Business

3)       Level 3 - high risk

a.        Economic and productive chains

b.       Services and Marketers

c.        Education y Resources

Based on this model, it is possible to get to level 10. However, we will only take 30% of 70% where the risk weight is greater. For each level and process it is relate to key indicators and their corresponding value. With this information, the I4.0 Divirtualigente map can analyze the processes and key elements with the necessary countermeasures. The objective is to determine the necessary actions to counteract the risk using I4.0 PIE Divirtualigente. We will define this in the next article.

Author: Octavio Fernández Divirtualigente I4.0 President Mexican Association I4.0
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