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Divirtualigente I4.0 risk and impact factor model of COVID-19 (II)

During the last article were show the impact levels of the COVID-19, model developed by Admexus team. Now, in the following figure, it reveals the complete map integrated by different variables of impact levels, risk and indexes trends.

The basic model map of I4.0 COVID-19 shows current impact data as well possible medium-term expectations. The arrows indicate the trends and the blitz indicate the variable's risk. The weight factor is defined by the level of risk and the amount of lightings. The characteristics and merits of each variable are intrinsically defined. The map shows variables that change from a critical status to a critical extreme position. Such is the case of the GDP variable, which goes from a high critical status to an extreme critical position. Another example is the money flow variable, which goes from critical to maximum critical status. Another factor of continuous alarm is the variable "Virus", which goes from pandemic to high-risk continuous mutation position.
This map is made up of processes or key elements. Those are defined into sublevels called variables. The variables are define by measurable characteristics and finally, the characteristics by value-added merits. All this set of information is dichotomized into subcategories, nodes and aggregated function for understanding the correlations relationships. The PIE-Divirtualigente-MX model pursuit the actual situation analysis, relationships functions, do projections and set potential solutions using new technologies, algorithms, data science and digital transformation.
In the next articles, it will define each process or element individually to establish the variables, characteristics, merits, root causes, improvement factors and technological actions via I4.0 to countermeasures the effects and impacts of COVID-19.

Author: Octavio Fernández Divirtualigente I4.0 President Mexican Association I4.0