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Divirtualigente I4.0 risk and impact factor model of COVID-19 (III)

The general I4.0 COVID-19 map was present last article (II). It shows impacts and risks levels by current and short time line expectations. On these part III, the map is extend with I4.0 disrupter activities implementation against COVID-19.

The I4.0 COVID-19 Basic Divirtualigente Map shows an additional column of disruptive technology actions and digital transformation for each impact variable and level of risk on green blocks. The classification and determination of priorities is a function of virus ecosystem impact and risk factors, subscribed by the "root-cause effect" method. This methodology identifies 10 key impact variables, which generate 15 essential and sufficient I4.0 technology strategies and / or solutions to counteract the COVID-19 risks and impacts.
The map shows 4 total priorities within the extreme risk level. Priority number one corresponds to the variable "virus mutation". As a second priority concern to "money flow". The third one related to "health services" and finally to "GDP" as a fourth priority. The variables map classification continues for the next two risk levels up to priority 10.
The model is built using differentiated and isolated elements in its first phase. This restriction most establishes as independent variables. The objective is to create punctual, clean and noiseless solutions with the objective to comply a sufficient confidence degree model status. Subsequently, on these independent variables stratifications, is aggregate the sum of interrelated concurrent and divergent forces to shape the complete integral Divirtualigente I4.0 model.
The first priorities will be study in detail, on following articles, the aim of generating and establishing I4.0 solution and proposals against COVID-19.

Author: Octavio Fernández Divirtualigente I4.0 President Mexican Association I4.0