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Divirtualigente I4.0 Model, proposal for disruptive actions vs. COVID-19 (IV)

This article sets out a series of actions for the extreme risk level caused by COVID-19, specifically on the mutation, key responsible on this worldwide instability.

There are two ways to deal with this evil virus. The first refers to the counterattack inside the human body using medications - low effectiveness -, special and expensive medical equipment, dedicated and specialized medical attention, none stop and continues to spread, accelerated mutations, deaths, incessant health risks, low effectiveness against the pandemic and a great negative impact on productive, economic and social structure.
The map shows 4 total priorities within the extreme risk level. Priority number one corresponds to the variable "virus mutation". As a second priority concern to "money flow". The third one related to "health services" and finally to "GDP" as a fourth priority. The variables map classification continues for the next two risk levels up to priority 10.
The second refers to the direct attack against the virus in its external environment, i.e. outside the main factory, which is the human body itself. This strategy of visibility method, detection and counterattack, it stops the accelerated spread, mortality, mutations, medical costs services and other negative elements and variables of COVID-19 impacts; but mainly, larger virus manufacture interruption, which it is the human body.

The following table shows the two comparisons methods.

As it shows in the previous comparison two methods table, the first -internal- is more complex and less effective with low efficient than the second strategy, allied with higher costs and high risks associated with a longer time response and implementation. The second - external - shows greater efficiency with less risk and better effectiveness, not only against stopping the virus spread, but also a reduction in economic and social effects, greater efficiency and alongside economic and social damage.
The Divirtualigente I4.0 strategy sets the essential model by integrating concrete activities in innovation, development and implementation of better efficient technologies at lower costs with minimum delivery times. The main success of this model,-as principle-, is the virus direct attack in its own environment, avoiding direct experiments with human and immune system (bioethics), reducing accelerated mutations, high RNA changes, unnecessary jeopardies, high costs and other topics that stop the true path solution against this malignant virus.
Finally, with current I4.0 technology, it is not acceptable not to fight back and defeat this pandemic.

Author: Octavio Fernández Divirtualigente I4.0 President Mexican Association I4.0