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Divirtualigente I4.0 Model, proposal of economic actions vs. COVID-19 (V)

The production, mutation and spread of COVID-19 are inside of the human body. The human body is the most efficient pharmaceutical factory in the world and should be avoid. The key strategy is to combat it outside to eliminate it forever. This approach reduces the lethal effects on the immune system, health deterioration and life cell destruction. For the economic subject, COVID-19 is a devastating agent in all productive, financial and social activities, affecting the value add creation and radical reduction of money flow, which should not be accepted.

In a deep analysis, this virus exhibits a polarization effect (two distance poles). One side is showing a digital business increase, excessive profits growth, unilateral depreciation of richness and elevated private money reserves. The other side shows companies falling, business and services loss. Money flow reductions, lack of innovation, considerable poverty increase and social subdivision. This behavior creates the "Classic and Progressive Differential Value Economy" definition using interaction technology factor. Examples of this polarization behavior can be seen between: classic stores versus electronic stores, shopping mall versus online market stores, face-to-face schools versus online education and physical books versus digital books, among others. The following figure shows this polarization and technological related interactions.

The polarization caused from COVID-19 show an accumulated richness and high money reserves versus poverty and lack of cash flow that impact into the vulnerable society. In the following table, it see the current state and the desired future status based on key actions to counter attack the economic concerns.

The polarization table shows related elements in booth poles. One pole is associated with monetized labor and effort value. Richness fortified position and continue intrinsic circulation of the money at the same rich level. The opposite pole, indicates a squeezing monetary flow with tendency to zero, insufficient money to cover the minimum basics expenses and other topics which create a recession and social financial instability. To eliminate this money flow and consumer market problem, it has been offer to the public financial loans. That means, sending monetary richness reserves from one side to the other side with higher interests rates. It looks a good idea to impulse the market, however, this action will generate additional polarization over the time, which is unacceptable. Divirtualigente offers several solutions by implementing I4.0 technologies.
One of these solutions refers to the local integration of value chains without intermediaries. Establishes disruptive and digital business network circles. Integration of technology with smart data and artificial intelligence capable to support communities and health livelihood. Distance education and remote services. Financial individuality and economic independence under new business disruptions ideas and crypto currencies, among other strategies. All with the technological idea to solve the current situation in a quickly way.
The concept of “Classic and Progressive Differential Value Economy” can easily apply on Divirtualigente Models. This concept will be subject for future articles. Finally, Divirtualigente I4.0 model technology continues supporting the productive, economic and social areas; it is a handy tool for nonstop societal progress and key factor against COVID-19.

Author: Octavio Fernández Divirtualigente I4.0 President Mexican Association I4.0