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Empresalogia is shaped of two words; the first one "Empresa" that means "Company" and the second one "Logia" as "Study". Therefore Empresalogia is "the study of the company's core substance " which principal objective is committed to identify and learning essential companies business behavior using a specific methodology and process based on: statistical data, inference, stochastic and systematic heuristic analysis to exploring, deciphering, identifying and analyzing in detail the genetic code of the enterprises defined as "Enterprise DNA"  with the acronym and entitled "E-DNA®". For today´s world companies' livelihood is required to endure their business strategies to survive in a world of high competition enterprises connected and related each other in a constant mobility, complex markets, unexpected and superstring forces of world E-cells in which Empresalogia define the E-DNA® process and systematic approach to understand the uncertain structures (chaos theory) with concrete dynamics models for accomplishment. We also integrate services for Engineering Development in CAD-CAM, Production Lines Automation and other services for the industries.   Visit www.empresalogia.com

Ph.D. Octavio Fernandez

Matter Innovation and Substance Spirit

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