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Admexus offers informatics and software development and code programming with the software philosophy according to the characteristics and culture of the business and not the company needs to be adapt to the culture of software. Likewise the program is not adapted to the bad practices of the company, but seeks to restructure the procedures and standards of good practice for the company to create value add and reduce routine activities. Those software programs are: Teokualli, Proyermatic and Healtmatic.

The products offer are many form  Teokualli®  which is an development IT tool  software to support not only the Supplier-Customer value add chain, as well String Business, E-DNA® and others concepts across the core of the company and their relation with other companies.  It is not an ERP, CMR, SCM or other similar software's. It is an IT tool adapted to the business strategy instead that business Core is adapted to the software. Other is Proyermatic® is an IT tool to support the Supplier-Provider-Manufacturing Customer String Business Value Add and Management of E-DNA®.

Helalthmatic is a software tool that support he Medical business sector.

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