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The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Admexus

Admexus is a corporate commitment for disruptive digital and transformation businesses trough advance technological I4.0 developments and applications, using successfully Divirtualigente© definitionh, for international customers by many years.

  • Business Digital Transformation
  • Smart Factories + Industrial Process
  • Smart Supply Chain + Logistics
  • Smart Education + Health Services
  • Smart Cities + Economy + Politics

Our Services

Smart Business Disruptions

learn and applied new technologies and innovative strategies to implement disruptive digital business

Smart Industries I4.0

development and implementation of digital I4.0 technologies for any industrial process in real time

Data Science + Analytics

smart data acquisition, storage procedure, analytics, algorithms pattern, machine learning & data science

Consulting - Empresalogia

provides business intelligence support using dedicated and experienced consulting methodology with I4.0.

Smart Health + Cities

creation of smart digital ecosystems such as health and medical services, smart supply chain & smart cities

AI + Block Chain + SI

Digital Revolution Philosophy such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Economics, Politics & Society

I4.0 Faq Questions

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, is a Digital Revolution, which represents new ways to implement new technology integrate into industrial, financial, economy, politics, health and other society environments. Technologies include: robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, networks, virtualization, among others.

Admexus has been a digital technology innovation company dedicated for several years to the continuous development of industrial, administrative and medical processes; developing, innovating, creating technology and applying the latest existing diigital tools to increase productivity, competitiveness, added value and continuous improvement at reasonable cost.

Admexus developed, the Divirtualigente concept, which defines the entire process from data adquisition, connectivity, transfering and saving records, smart data management, analitics, algorithms, virtualization and artificial intelligence, based on our development and innovation advance idea technology.

Yes, Divirtualigente apply from manufacturing process, administrative workflows, supply chain, medical services; which required to monitor all activities in real time to increase productivity, reduce waste and increase competitiveness with economic benefit and low investment cost

Divirtualigente I4.0

Transform the industries, productive, commercial, economic and social structures through the new Divirtualigente and digital I4.0 technologies for society benefits.

Focus on the implementation of Smart Business Digital, Smart Factories, Smart Supply Chain, Smart Logistics, Smart Health, Smart Education, Smart Economy, Smart Cities, Smart Politics and others applications by data science, algorithms, machine learning block chain and artificial intelligence.

Divirtualigente Steps

Development and integration of new technologies, data acquisition and analysis, analytics, programming languages, algorithms, patterns, simulations, virtualization, artificial intelligence

Generation human resources specialized, training and qualify for this cultural change. Creation of technological business models and technical management intelligence

Divirtualigente Success

The Divirtualigente benefits and success are focus on implementation of innovative technologies for productive, economic and social structures.

It is an innovation technology implementation for society change structures with business disruption strategies, for today and future economic and social benefits and individual independence.

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... subcribe to business transformation and be into future disruptive digital businesses...

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I4.0 Basic Package

10 Sensors + Teokualli

  1. 10 Sensors
  2. Full access
  3. Free apps
  4. Multiple slider
  5. 1 year domin
  6. Support limited
  7. Payment online
  8. Cash back
I4.0 Medium Package

25 Sensors + Teokualli

  1. 25 Sensors
  2. Full access
  3. Free apps
  4. Multiple slider
  5. 1 years domin
  6. Base Support limited
  7. Payment online
  8. Cash back

I4.0 Premium Package
50 Sensors + Teokualli

  1. 30 Sensors
  2. Full access
  3. Free apps
  4. Multiple slider
  5. 3 years domin
  6. Medium Support limited
  7. Payment online
  8. Cash back

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13 comments 2018-04-14 / 09:10:16

Divirtualigente at Smart Factory

The team successfully achieved the implementation of Smart Factory class "C" in its first phase, as an objective of industrial digital transformation. Having fun starts walking in the right direction

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130 comments 2019-11-05 / 19:10:17

Digital Business Intelligence

Data processing was successfully performed under data analysis and using data science tools. The patterns of information obtained achieved the first artificial intelligence.

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10 comments 2019-10-22 / 15:33:33

Artificial Intelligence

Data processing was successfully performed under data analysis and using data science tools. The patterns of information obtained achieved the first artificial intelligence programs.

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